Move Me

As I “feel” (rather than think) about today, and these first few weeks of year three as a high school English teacher, I feel vanilla … neutral … blah … very little. It’s a first. My first two years I had to focus my efforts on not feeling … not feeling wounded each time a … More Move Me

Autonomy & Motivation

Recently, I’ve been taking an online course on “Blended Learning”, as our school has recently moved to a 1-to-1 platform, and I thought it would be beneficial to take some serious [summer] time to reflect on how not only to incorporate technology in my classroom, but to reflect on the pedagogical implications. This course introduced … More Autonomy & Motivation

Why Are You Here?

It happened again. I was at a senior’s open house graduation party when a parent asked me where I went to school. I briefly detailed my education history, ending with obtaining my masters in rhetoric and composition. The parent raised their eyebrows and said, “Why are you here, then? I mean … how much do … More Why Are You Here?